Bachelor Degree Programs

071500.62 Folk Art Culture
Specializations: Theory and history of folk art culture, Head choreography amateur team

072600.62 Decorative arts and crafts
Specializations: Art bone, artistic metal

072500.62 Design
Specializations: Interior Design, Graphic Design

073400.62 Vocal Art
Specialization: Academic singing

071800.62 Social and cultural activities
Specializations: Management of social and cultural activities; Staging and producing cultural and entertainment programs.

071900.62 Library and information service
Specialization: Information and analysis activities

080200.62 Management

230700.62 Applied Informatics in the socio-cultural sphere

Specialist's Degree Programs 

071001.65 Painting
Specialization: Easel painting

071002.65 Graphics
Specialization: Easel graphics

073201.65 Arts concert performing
Specialization: Orchestral folk instruments

070301.65 Performing Arts
Specialization: Actor Drama and Film

072901.65 Musicology
Specializations: Musicologist, teacher