Faculty of Folklore and Ethno-culture of the Arctic Peoples

Dean – Agafya E.Zakharova, Candidate of philological sciences, Professor.

Folk Arts (theory and history of folk artistic culture, choreography) – Department of folklore and ethno-culture of the Arctic peoples, Department of choreography;
Decorative and Applied arts and National trades (bone engraving) – Department of folklore and ethno-culture of the Arctic peoples.

Students of this Faculty study culture and nonmaterial traditions of ethnos, they are taught to folk dances of the Arctic peoples and also to modern streams in choreography, they work with wood, metal, stone, silver, fur and ivory at workshops and take part in bone engraving festivals of Russia.

There is a folklore ensemble “Aar-Aartyk” organized at the Faculty. The ensemble is a participant and laureate of many festivals, contests, and it took part in Days of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in UNESCO, Paris and Strasburg.


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