Our Approach to Education
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The paradigm of our education is to instill in our students a kind of cognitive instinct, an analytical ability and an emotional vibration that will aid them in becoming unique artists, theorists, critics, and researchers.

We have made it our goal to reach beyond the scope of an exclusively information-based education by fostering a process that encourages individuality, creativity and freedom of value-formation within our students. We desire them to attain the virtues of beauty and kindness by way of which they will be able to disclose and experience the richness of their own cultural heritage.

As an institute, we prioritize in the creative process. This fact is also reflected in our aim to further the idea of Arctic Culture and arctic civilization formation as a whole. We attempt to fan into flame the creative work-process, thereby providing new perspective for nations of the north, and integrating the rich creative experience of the arctic as a valid contribution to the body of world culture.